Cyber security & Software development

Inventum Solutions provides all round cyber security and Software development for Individuals and companies around the globe.

What we do

Inventum brings together the best dedicated iOS, Android, and web app developers, so you can outsource any project and get a
top-quality and secured product.

Mobile App development

Building Native Solutions for iOS and Android.  We build exceptional digital products for leading companies

Cyber risk Management

Risk management will help you improve the decision-making process with regard to cyber security.

Web / Business applications

Custom business web applications,
fool-proof and competitive,
backed with the right tech stack and
our industry security expertise

Security Scans

Security inspections to verify if your organization has taken sufficient security measures.

Personal Security

Enterprise grade cybersecurity services 
for professional practices, executives,
celebrities, and high net worth clients. 


Prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data belonging to your business and its customers.

How we work

Scrum / Agile

At Inventum Solutions, our developers use the Agile / Scrum methodology when developing software applications. The Scrum methodology manages the development process through many small steps, rather than trying to plan everything upfront. Its primary goal is to maximize the customer’s ROI by creating working software rapidly and responding to changing requirements quickly. Scrum focuses on developing a product in short intervals of time (usually from two to four weeks). After each interval ends, project direction can be adjusted as needed to adapt to any new situation or circumstances. Each iteration we call as a “sprint”. The software can be deployed or shipped to the end users after completing each sprint.

In depth

Security / penetration testing

Pen testing is divided into seven sections whereby we conduct tests and explore system limitations through the common PTES methodology. By applying the seven steps of PTES methods our cybersecurity experts will deliver a brief report on the investigated results.

The PTES covers:

  • Pre-engagement Interactions
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Threat Modeling
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Exploitation
  • Post-exploitation
  • Reporting

With the new data breach notification in force, your organization can be held liable for not reporting in time, or not reporting in line with the GDPR standards. Have us conduct a pen test today!

Web / Business applications

Introducing web applications to your business gives you, your clients and employees the advantage of working accross multiple platforms while being easily accessible from anywhere.
Benefit by using web applications for your business several ways:


  • Users have acces to the same version, no more compatibility issues
  • Regardless of the OS, the web application runs on any device as long as the browser is compatible
  • As the app is not stored on the hard drive, it eliminates space limitations
  • Since there is less support and maintenance needed, system costs can reduce significantly

Mobile App development

Our team of developers builds custom solutions for your team.
us in – no matter at what stage you’re currently in.
Due to the extensive experience of our leading developers we build mobile applications for the security and gaming industry.
From product designs and wireframing or the technical documentation, our team of leading developers can work closely with your team to create the application you want.
Chat with us for more information!

Personal Security

Executives, celebrities (or management) and high net worth individuals: Our cyber-sec team analyzes your personal or clientele online footprint – reduce risks by taking security measures before experiencing an attack on personal devices or data. The Team will, among other things, provide secured and highly regarded applications, security systems and devices to ensure the personal security.

Security Scans

Organizations that have their system vulnerabilities identified through a security scan can start with re-organizing their OS. For example by patching vulnerabilities and changing default passwords are among other things results that can come out of these scans.

To which extent is security important for you? Let us conduct scans regularly as systems are being updated constantly and new threats arise.

Cyber Risk Management

Establishing cybersecurity focused systems and culture within your company can leverage the trust your employees and users have toward your appearance. By implementing cyber risk management within the company, daily duties form employees of all levels have been inspected for threats.
identify all potential risks, assess the impact of these risks and create guidelines for response for when a threat occurrs. By inspecting every process within the company we will identify all possible threats and select a frameworks that fits your organizations need. Everyone within the company follows these pre-set guidelines whenever a cyber attack takes place.


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